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So today, I would be talking about some of the things we have not been doing or doing right as females. The female body is like an egg that should be treated with care and love.
1. Use of toilet paper: I have noticed many girls don't use toilet paper after urinating. When you don't, the little droplets drop on your pant which can give out a foul odour over a period of time. Also some people don't use the toilet paper appropriately, the correct way is from front to back. A lot do it from back to front, this can bring germs from the back into the vagina.
2. Underwear: Many girls wear their underwear to sleep. It's funny when I see some girls wear their bra to sleep which I wonder how they feel comfortable with it. This can make the under breast to be too sweaty and give an offensive odour. If you must sleep with pants, let it be a light one and breathable. We should learn to let our private parts breathe.
3. Washing up: It is wrong to use soap to wash your vagina. It does more harm than good. The vagina self cleans. When you use the soap to wash it, it washes away the good bacteria, thereby leaving it open for infections. Another thing girls neglect is their breasts. They wash it like they are washing their stomach. You should pay attention to your nipples and underneath the breasts especially if you're on the big side.
4. Shaving: If you don't feel comfortable with your pubic hair you can trim it down or just shave all of it.  The issue is how often you do, you should give it an interval of two weeks or more. Shaving frequently can predispose one to infections. Also you should know the right way of shaving which is softening the hair with warm water and shave in the direction of the growth with a new shaving stick.
I hope you learnt something today and you can share with yours friends and family. You can leave your contributions in the comment section. Thanks for reading. ❤️


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