Hello my beautiful readers.
I have been so lazy this couple of weeks and I just keep procrastinating about writing a post. The funny part is that I have lots of contents I have written just for me to edit and publish. But now I'm back!!
I have really not been doing much while away. I have really just lost the vibe for school, like I'm done. I still have thoughts of school reopening and how I will cope if school just miraculously opens but with the way it's going, it's "peace till next year ✌️".
I have being writing some short stories and I would love to share them with you soonest. 
I have been planning my life. I'm sure you're wondering how I am doing that in the middle of a pandemic. But I have realised life will still go on whether we like it or not. This phase will pass so you have to be ready for it. Also I'm a habitual thinker, I am always thinking of something, like literally. The woman I would become, my success, primarily my future. Some times I just wish I could see my future so as to stop worrying about my future. 
I also joined Quora and I'm so loving it! Like, I get to ask questions and get in depth answers( they give long answers). I also get to read out of the world questions and answers and most of them are so hilarious. It's also a very educative platform. If you're so inquisitive like me, I totally recommend it. 
I just found out something and it's quite interesting because I know everyone has experienced it. Do you just read about something or randomly remember something then all of a sudden you start hearing or seeing things about it everywhere, it's called Baarder Meinhof phenomenon. I'm sure many never knew but now you know! It's a frequency illusion, you can read up more on it. Google is your friend. 😉
By the way, I made this mad ass vegetable soup earlier this week and my family loved it. I really gambled with it because I haven't made vegetable soup in a long while and my youngest sister kept telling me she hasn't tasted my soup so I really wanted to impress her. I'm so glad I did. 
Fun fact: it's my favorite soup. 😋
I think I have said enough (well, technically I writing but you get me 😌), so until next blog post. Remember to wear your mask when going out and wash your hands so this thing can end. We can all go back to school and I can have my PhD. 🙃
How have you been also, share in the comment section. 👇
Thanks for reading. ❤️
Love from Wendy. 


  1. Heard of quora but I don't really know what it is all about... Hope to check it up and join soonest

    1. It's a platform where people ask questions and get answers from other readers. It's really interesting.

  2. I got so interested in this baarder Meinhof phenomenon and also I love you write up

    1. Yeah, I'm sure you have experienced it also. Thank you. 😅

  3. Nice one. Had to read to the end. Not so good that you enjoyed ur soup with just her.

    1. Thanks for this. It was for the entire family. 😀


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