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Some years back I usually had difficulty moving when I wake up and I would be so scared. It was a very terrifying experience but I later realised it is very common. I felt the presence of someone and had difficulty breathing. One time, I kept trying to call out to someone but it was like my throat was tied. I started saying,"blood of Jesus" in my mind and after a while, I was able to move. Somehow, it felt like it was a dream but it isn't.
Sleep paralysis is the temporary inability to move or speak while falling asleep or waking up. As you fall asleep your body relaxes but your mind is awake enough to realise it doesn't have control over your ability to move and speak. It also occurs when waking up if your mind regains consciousness before sleep cycle is complete. When sleeping, the body is relaxed and the muscles are turned off so we can't physically act out vivid dreams. It causes you to hyperventilate or hallucinate but it lasts for some seconds. It's common in teenagers and young adults. If you experience this also, it's totally normal, it's not your village people "pressing" you. To avoid this, don't sleep on your back, stick to a sleep schedule and have enough rest.
I hope you now know better what sleep paralysis is and it's not an attack from a "sleep demon". If you have experienced this, share in the comment section.
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