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A conversationalist is a person who is good in engaging or holding conversations. I would give you some tips to be a better conversationalist online 😉.
1. Approach: When you are texting someone for the first time, be polite and simple. If it's someone you already know,ask how they are doing or how their day went.
2. Talk about trending issues: This will be easy in this social media age. The other person would have heard about it and will definitely have something to say on it.
3. Curtail unnecessary details: You should know what to disclose,don't be known as a loose talker before you go and "jamb talk".
4. Accept contradictions: We all have our different opinions about things,you shouldn't impose yours on the other person,the person can loose interest in the the conversation. You can give reasons why you think this is so, not to argue, it's called a conversation and not a debate for a reason.
5. Don't be a know it all(over sabi): This puts off a lot of people, you make the person look stupid. If the he/she doesn't know about it, enlighten the person more without being obnoxious.
6. Chip in some comic relief: This can help especially when the conversation is getting tensed. Laugh a little, it's not that deep.
7. Be a good listener: Listen to what the person has to say and not be talking like "radio without battery" 🙄. You should know when the person is not comfortable with the conversation in order to know when to switch.
8. Be yourself: Be comfortable and flexible.
Hope these tips will help you to better in holding a conversation not being a boring person and leaving it to the other person to do all the talking. You can also contribute a tip that helped you.

Also remember to stay safe ❤️  .


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