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This lockdown has given me time to really reflect on life. One of them is my friendship with people. Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people. Right from when we were little, anyone that plays or shares their stuffs with us was our friends (lol, I guess everyone can relate). We would be so happy and tell our parents about our new "friend". Then we were little and of course couldn't differentiate between right or wrong. But as teenagers or adults, we should really be selective about our friends. Some friendships could make or mar your future. The truth is that, not everyone can be your FRIEND. I believe saying "this is my friend" is almost as deep as saying "I love you". I actually realised I just knew some people and that didn't mean they were my FRIENDS. This is something that is also common among students. We have people we have classes with and  have some very good memories/adventures. Friendship is a whole lot deeper than just "knowing" someone. In a friendship, the people involved put in equal energy, there is trust and ultimately loyalty. I have been in "friendships" were it later felt like I was in it alone because we were not together doing the things that actually made us friends at first. Some people are your friends because you were together but when there is distance, you realize it was just proximity.
It's great to meet new people of course, be open minded but also bare in mind the qualities you desire in a FRIEND. You should also know some people are better off as an acquaintance, classmate, school mate(and any other mate, lol). You get betrayed by some "friends" because you made people who are not meant to be friends to come too close. You have so much expectation from them and when they disappoint you, you get heartbroken. If you have so many "friends" and you can't even count on them for anything, you just wasting your time. Also remember to have meaningful friendships, one that would impact one another. I would just leave you with this saying, "Choose your friends and don't let your friends choose you".
PS: Don't get offended if someone doesn't call you my "friend". If you saw the person as a friend, just take your "L" and be going. Don't force things. Thanks for reading. ❤️


  1. Honestly....
    Normalize calling people acquaintances not friends.

    1. We really need to start the movement πŸ‘Œ.

  2. make Jesus your friend today,he will never deny you


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