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Today's topic is a very controversial one, many don't even like hearing about but it's now part of our everyday life. I have seen so many online"feminist" who hide under the facade of FEMINISM to display misandry. It is also terrible that majority of them don't even understand the meaning of Feminism, they just pick up someone's ideology and just carry it on their head more than the person. Tragic right? This acclaimed "feminists" come online, show their hate for men and praise their fellow women but behind closed doors, they do unimaginable things to these same women. There is also an unhealthy competition between women and men, which is not meant to be so. The  only competition you should have is your self. If the energy they exert on pulling men down is put into self development/discovery, they will not have the time to have unnecessary hate towards men talk less of expressing it.

 Feminism has a problem with society when they is unjust treatment of women in the society. We just need to do our research and have a better understanding. Feminists are ought to respected because it shows self reliance. Everyone should be a feminist. The early founders would not be happy when they see what they fought for is being turned to a movement for circus performers.
We should set a good standard for the younger generation of girls to emulate, so they won't grow hating the male gender which may bring a bigger problem than it is. We should all appreciate our differences and use it to a greater good for the society.
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