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I have been having these dreams and I want to know if it's common or I'm alone on this.
-In my dream when the bad person is chasing me, I automatically become as slow as a snail or I just don't move at all but the bad guy never catches me. 😌
- When the bad person wants to fight me, I become the best martial combat player in fact Bruce Lee is a learner with my fighting skills. 😏
- I'm in an examination hall, I don't know what to write or I feel I have enough time to write but all of a sudden the examiner says, "pens up" and that's when my brains starts giving me answers, gbas gbos.🙄
-When I dream, it makes so much sense but when I wake up and start thinking about it, it sounds so dumb. It's so disjointed that I can't even tell anyone about it without them asking if I'm okay. 😒
- When I fall in my dream,I wake with a terrible headache. 😰
If you had similar dreams or you want to share a weird dream you have had, use comment below.
PS: This post was inspired when I was listening to Jon Bellion's "Maybe IDK". 😀
Thanks for reading. ❤️


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