At a certain point in our lives,we just want to be happy. Happy with ourselves, happy with our relationship with God, happy with our family, happy with friends, happy with everything around you. It's at that point we get temptations, for me, I guess. You question yourself so often that you doubt your own self,your abilities and weaknesses. You wonder if God is really with you or he's letting things to fall in place for our good. Family becomes estranged or something just doesn't suit well with everyone. You feel your friends are distant and don't care. In fact, you feel alone fighting with your self and everyone. But, the idea was to be happy.
At the end of the day, you just have to relax and stop over thinking things. Things will surely fall in place for you. ❤️
Do things to take your mind away from such negativities and just do you. Also don't forget they may also be going through worse so don't be quick to label them, "mean". So be patient and learn to give space.
I wrote this after watching a movie called, "The Good Catholic". I was able to relate to it and just had the urge to write. It may be somewhat deep but that's the point. Maybe someone could relate to it also.
Thanks for reading. ❤️


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