Hi there 😀, hope you all having a great day.
I remembered I didn't wish you all a happy new month. So here it is, HAPPY NEW MONTH 😇!!! I am not so used to posting about that and all but now I have to because I'm interacting with you, my readers (I'm thinking of a name to call you all 🤔). I'm actually grateful for life because with all the the going on right now, one can loose their mind.
This past weeks has just been super nerve racking. I was actually overwhelmed with all the things that has been going on in the world and also in my personal life. Sometimes I would just cry myself to sleep because of built up pain and anger. It kind of helps me in a way, I feel lighter when I cry. It's like I'm crying away the bad energy(lol, if that's a thing).
I realized the stuffs I read on social media especially on Twitter triggers a lot of emotions in me so I just stopped checking such things. I also listened to some slow calming songs(I recommend gospel songs). It was just so calm to have such reassurance. I spoke to some people that made me feel at peace and trust me, having people to go to when you're down is such a huge blessing. I also distanced my self from some people that I felt bad energy from. You really don't want to have someone compound your problems for you(you can't headache me, please).
Also, these period made me have a lot of inspiration on what to blog about (I have like tons of amazing articles I can't wait to share with you). Talking about turning lemons to lemonades.  I read other blogs., her blog post gives me a breath of fresh air. I listen to podcasts also. I have found my self tapping on any blog or podcast I see(probably because I'm also a blogger, lol). It's my little way of supporting other creatives like myself.
If you feel or felt overwhelmed by all the things going on, know it's totally normal. You are human and its perfectly okay to feel the way you do. You could try some of the things I did or other things you do to relax. Don't be too hard on yourself(I'm also talking to my self here, Chinwe listen!!) Also I started writing a story again 😄. I really hope I complete it(fingers crossed 🤞🏾)
Take care of yourselves, until my next post. Thanks for reading. ❤️


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