Hi!! So excited to be writing here again. I know I promised to post some of the stories I have written but I'm really battling procrastination right now. Help me!! 😥
Happy new month!!  This is August and I'm like, "were we not just saying, Happy new year some time ago". The year is super fast and I'm sure it's because we don't have much doing (speaking for myself). If i had school and all going on right now, I will probably not be writing here. But it's a very terrible thing happening around the world. I really hope we have been keeping safe because I do need all of you at the end of this dark tunnel 😀. Also, I never really fancied this month. To me, it was a "boring" month. But then, someone special is born in this month so now it's kind of special to me . So this is a birthday shout out. 🤗
To those born this month, I pray God blesses your new age. 
Just recently a big reality show started airing and as usual it got terrible backlash. For me, it's a really entertaining show and you get to learn some things from the housemates, if you're smart. You can tell a story but people will pick whatever they want if it, it's out of your control. That's basically what's going on with the show, you just have to sieve out the bad from the good. 
I have actually learnt a lot from particular people and I would like to share one with you. Someone said, when you are well trained by your parents and later grow up, there are certain things that would try to manifest from your nature but they get suppressed by your nurture. I didn't put it in quotation marks because it's not exactly how the person said it. It made a lot of sense because for me, especially in school, I somehow feel like doing the things my peers are doing but then I just pause. I get to think about the family I come from and the morals inculcated into me. It really helps me often. 
So this is me writing to you all to be wish you a splendid new month. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog to read more of my shenanigans which are usually sensible 😉. I would love to know how the past month was for you.
Thank you for reading. ❤️


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